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Call for papers 04 July 2024

JP e3s special issue "Advancing the Just Transition: Navigating Towards a Sustainable Future"

JP e3s is editor of the special issue "Advancing the Just Transition: Navigating Towards a Sustainable Future" in the scientific journal "Frontiers in Sustainable Energy Policy". All JP e3s members and beyond who are interested in the topic are warmly invited to submit their papers by 5th October.

About the special issue Research Topic

The concept of the "Just Transition" has gained significant attention in recent years as societies worldwide grapple with the urgent need to address climate change and create sustainable economies. It encompasses the notion of transitioning from high-carbon, environmentally damaging industries towards low-carbon, inclusive, and equitable systems. This Research Topic aims to explore and advance the understanding of the Just Transition process, highlighting the challenges, opportunities, and innovative solutions that can guide us towards a sustainable future.

The effects of climate change and ecological degradation are increasingly apparent, while social inequalities and economic disparities persist in many regions. The Just Transition framework seeks to reconcile the urgent need for environmental action with social justice. It aims to ensure that marginalized communities, workers, and vulnerable groups are not adversely affected by the necessary shifts in industries and policies. The Just Transition approach calls for inclusive decision-making processes, fair labour practices, retraining, and the creation of green jobs. This special issue will delve into the diverse aspects of the Just Transition, encouraging interdisciplinary research and promoting practical applications.

The primary aim of this Research Topic is to deepen the scholarly understanding of the Just Transition and provide a platform for diverse perspectives and practical insights. By exploring this multifaceted topic, we aim to:

  1. Refine and discuss definitions of the concept and dimensions of the Just Transition and their methodological policy evaluation approaches.
  2. Assess the global challenges and opportunities associated with the Just Transition.
  3. Examine case studies of successful and ongoing Just Transition initiatives across various sectors and regions.
  4. Analyse policy frameworks and institutional mechanisms that support a Just Transition.
  5. Explore the social dimensions of the Just Transition, including community involvement and labour market transitions.
  6. Investigate the role of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship in shaping the Just Transition
  7. Address the intersectionality across climate justice, environmental sustainability, and social equity.
  8. Identify best practices, lessons learned, and potential barriers in implementing a Just Transition.

This special issue welcomes contributions from researchers, practitioners, and policymakers that span a wide range of disciplines and approaches. We encourage submissions that explore both theoretical and empirical aspects of the Just Transition. 

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