What is EERA JP e3s?

The mission of EERA JP e3s is to advance research and provide EERA, the other JPs and the wider scientific and policy community with evidence, knowledge and tools to address the SSH-E challenges, impacts and interconnections of clean energy transition. The final aim is to support public/private decision makers in defining and implementing effective strategies and policies at EU, national and local, as well as international levels, to better exploit the immense potential for social innovation in the energy field, also taking into account social, environmental and economic interactions, and to overcome existing societal barriers.

The mission of JP e3s will be reached through the pursuit of the following main objectives:

  • Contribute to the effective and successful achievement of the European energy and climate targets;
  • Provide strategic inputs for the definition of best energy policies and enhance their proper implementation;
  • Enhance the integration of SSH-E aspects in energy technologies development processes and in their deployment;
  • Obtain a better comprehension of factors influencing the participation of citizens in the energy system;
  • Align different and dispersed scientific profiles, research capacities and experience and generate synergies;
  • Contribute to the dissemination of knowledge generated by the scientific community, supporting transparency, availability and accessibility of research data.


EERA JP e3S is organized in 5 Sub-Programmes (SP):

  • SP 1 - Fostering changes in energy consumption: a pathway to demand reduction - Coordinated by Mara Thiene, UNIPD
  • SP 2 - Just Transition and Governance of the ET - Coordinated by Manfred Paier, AIT
  • SP 3 - Sustainability of the ET - Coordinated by Witold - Roger Poganietz, KIT
  • SP 4 - Market and business models for ET - Coordinated by Michael Belsnes, SINTEF Norway
  • SP 5 - Transition pathway modelling - Coordinated by Asgeir Tomasgard, NTNU

SPs coordinators supported by all e3s members are currently working on the definition and update of policy and research challenges and objectives which JP e3s commits to reach through the Sub-Programmes. Updates will follow soon...

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Marie Skłodowska Curie


Alessandro Sciullo Coordinator of JP e3s
University of Turin (UNITO)