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Presentations 06 November 2023 - Padova

Presentations of the Padova Conference

On 26th October 2023 the JP e3s conference "Fostering Changes in energy consuption: a pathway to demand reduction" took place in Padova (Italy). The event was a starting point to stimulate a scientific and interdisciplinary discussion about energy demand reduction, that will culminate in the writing and publication of a White Paper on the topic in early summer of 2024. The Conference was structured in 3 main sessions, corresponding to three different, but complementary, ways of addressing energy demand reduction. Here below are the presentations of each session:

Keynote speeches:

Behavioural change:

Energy Efficiency:

  • Kristina Haaskjold (IFE) "The role of building mass upgrade in the energy system transition -A Norwegian case study"

  • Ivett Flores (TUB) "A value-based framework from Building Stock Model to Reftrofit Model"

  • Marina Bertolini (UNIPD) "Renewable energy communities, digitalization and information"

  • Herbert Zondag (TNO) "The Role and Impact of Energy Efficiency in the Decarbonization of Industry" (presentation not available)

  • Luciano DE Tommasi (IERC) "Energy efficiency in the commercial rented sector and verification of rebound effect after PV system installation in shopping center in Spain"

  • Maria Beatrice Andreucci (UNIROMA1) "Promoting reduction of energy demand and climate adaptation through integrated simulation tools and indicators: A recent case study"

  • Giovanna Cavazzini (UNIPD) "The need of flexibility in the hydropower sector: an European overview"

Energy Sufficiency:

  • Vito Di Noto (UNIPD) "Production, distribution and applications of H2 in a clean energy system" (presentation not available)

  • Tareen Muhammad Umair (ULiège) "A low-demand energy scenario for Europe modelled in PyPSA-EUR"

  • Romain Mauger (CIIAE) "For an Energy Sufficiency First Principle in EU energy law"