SP 4 : Water resources, environmental impacts and climate adaptation

 The main objective of SP4  is to assure environmentally accepted power production under a changing climate, optimize the use of water resources to adopt to a changing electricity market, find the optimal trade-offs between the operational regime of regulated watershed to produce hydropower, secure landscapes and biodiversity and protect the society from flood and draught. Hence, SP4 will focus on the assessment of water resources, the mitigation of environmental impacts and the adaptation to future climate change impacts. Additionally, the SP will investigate a reduction of the overall cost and create new technologies and services for consumers.

      Photo: Elianne Lindmark, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden



SP 4 Coordinator :

Staffan Lundström, LTU

Email : staffan.lundstrom@ltu.se







SP 4 Vice Coordinator :

David Finger, Energie Institut Linz - JK University

Email: finger@energieinstitut-linz.at